Welcome to Book Smart – A Parents’ Guide to What Kids are Reading.  I began this blog, along with some friends, to help parents help their kids make wise choices about books.  I am convinced a steady diet of bad literature can be seriously damaging to a young person’s academic, emotional, and spiritual development.  Fortunately, there are a lot of great books available for young people.  Unfortunately, there are a lot of disturbing books out there too.

Knowing this,  I have tried to read what my kids are reading.  My own four children are not only avid readers, but they are are also required to read a lot for school. It has been impossible for me to keep up.  Also, I teach ninth grade English, and my students are constantly asking for book recommendations.  I take that responsibility seriously. I feel that I should know something about a book, beside the fact that it is popular, before I suggest a child read it.   So, to be better informed for my own children and for my students, I’ve enlisted help.   The other contributors to this blog and I will be  reading a youth or young adult books and giving our readers plot summaries  and a heads up about possibly troublesome content.

Who are we?  First and foremost we are Christians – Protestant and Catholic.  We are mothers and fathers, College students and singles.  We all love books and love kids.  We also all have different levels of tolerance for things like violence, language, sexual content, and supernatural elements.  Our goal is not to tell you what your kids should or should not read or even to heavily critique the books we review.  Our goal is merely to  enjoy some good books, endure some not so good books, and inform our readers what we find out in the process.

Please feel free to share your comments and insights as well.  We’d love to hear form you!

Laura Catherine

p.s.  Please bear with us.  We are just getting started and hope to have more reviews posted soon.