Today is the day!  Seven Posts in Seven Days!  When I read about Jen Fulwiler’s link up extravaganza, I was so excited! My blogging has been a bit sluggish lately, and I’m sure this seven day link-a-thon will be just what I need to get going. But the thing is, I’m not going. At least not on blog posts, at least not yet.

My weekend did not exactly go as I had envisioned it.  After giving my family the heads up about my need for some one on one time with my computer, I had high expectations for a little ME time. (Their blank stares should have tipped me off.) In my mind I would spend the better part of the weekend indoors reading and writing, with the only the faint sounds of my children playing outside and the soft tapping of my fingers flying across my keyboard to keep me company. I envisioned take out food and and my husband peeking his head into the bedroom door every few hours to say, “How’s it going, Hon? Can I get you anything?”  It was a nice dream.

But instead my weekend, as usual, was not my own. (If only I could have seen that coming.)  As I lay awake last night trying to decide if should get up and write instead of just tossing and turning, I thought about what I did do all weekend. What really kept me from writing even a single post or reading more than a few pages from the book I hope to review?  I once heard that people trying to lose weight keep of journal of everything they eat to try to track patterns and motivations for their eating habits.   Maybe this same technique will work with distractions.  Here are just a few of the high priority tasks that threw me off track this weekend.

I shopped for throw pillows.  Don’t judge.  At the time it seemed crucial. My daughters are 12 and 15, and about the only thing they agree on lately is that their room is boring and babyish. Fair enough. So when a little rearranging of the furniture and packing up the American Girl dolls and stuffed animals didn’t have the transformative effect they were hoping for, I agreed to buy them a few new accessories to punch up their room. I thought some funky new throw pillows would be an inexpensive and easy way to do the trick. I was so,so wrong. Have you shopped for throw pillows lately!  Unless we wanted pillows that looked like we won them throwing darts at the county fair, I had to let go of a little more cash than I had planned and the girls had to break open their piggy banks.  The girls also had to engage in their traditional arguing and bargaining before they could agree.  Also, since the nearest cool pillow store is an hour away from our little farm town, this outing took the better part of the day.   Oh well at least I was able to kill two errands with one 120 mile round trip.

So, I also shopped for crickets too.  And I guess I did my good deed for the day too.  Frank the Gecko will not die.  Not on my watch!

I returned a goat.  Several weeks ago we borrowed a goat.  Without going into all the details, I will tell you, boy goats stink.  They stink real bad.  For this reason we don’t keep one on the farm – except for when our gals are, shall we say, receptive.  In December when it seemed as though the time for romance was upon us, we borrowed Cosmo, the stinky boy goat, from some friends.  Then it snowed and snowed and snowed and snowed.  And we’ve been struck with Cosmo, the stinky boy goat, for weeks. On Sunday when it was sunny and warm, I jumped at the chance to return him to his rightful home and to try to start fumigating the goat barn.

I scoured Pinterest for low carb, healthy recipes.   All that shopping I did with my daughters on Saturday was a grave reminder to me that swimsuit and sundress season are just around the corner. And I am unfortunately suffering from a condition known as YPS.  YPS is a serious and debilitation condition caused by wearing yoga pants (not the same pair) during all of the 18 snow days we endured here in Arkansas.  Yoga Pants Syndrome prevents its victims from realizing the effects of baking cookies and eating popcorn all winter.  Within weeks sufferers from this condition find they can wear nothing but yoga pants.  It’s time to change my ways.  Past time actually.

I ate everyting in our house containing carbs, sugar, and excessive amounts of fat and calories.  That’s what you’re supposed to do before starting a diet right?  Purge.


I looked for that quote by Saint Francis de Sales about how distractions and frustrations can make you a saint.  I can’t find the quote, but, to paraphrase, he says that all of life’s little frustrations (a bore stops you, a child interrupts you, you burn dinner) do not require a saint, but they are certainly enough to create one.  Lord, please let life’s minor snags make me a saint.

Well, what do you know! Day one of seven done, and with a couple of hours to spare.  Of course tomorrow will have it’s own frustrations and interruptions, but with the help of Saint Francis de Sales, I hope to meet them with grace AND to get a second blog post finished.


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